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Gluten Free 4 pack

Best Ugly Bagels Gluten Free Sesame Seed 4 packs.

Al Brown's Montreal style bagels are like no other. These puppies are lighter, chewier than their southern counterpart. Best split and always toasted. We spent a lot of time developing this special Gluten Free bagel to give you something really special, far more than a roll with a hole. Once you've tried these you'll accept nothing else. Fantastic with a lick of butter or take a look through our suggestions to really make them stand out.

Why Best Ugly? Well if you were punched, rolled, boiled and fired, you wouldn't look so great either. Don't worry, our Montreal-style bagels are deliberately manhandled - hand rolled and cut then simmered in sweet honey water. We then shove them into our custom-made stove oven which runs on NZ's greatest natural fuel - Manuka hard wood. 

That's how we roll.


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Please check back in early December. 


Allergens: soy protein, egg white, soy flour, sesame seeds


We currently ship our bagels Monday - Wednesday to ensure they arrive fresh as possible. The bagels can be frozen to keep them longer and we recommend you order a couple of packs at once. Cut them, freeze them, then toast once you’re ready to eat.

Bagel orders placed after 12pm Wednesday will be sent the next Monday.