FD Dragon Fury

Fire Dragon Chillies - Dragon's Fury Chilli Sauce

Fire Dragon Chillies - Dragon's Fury Chilli Sauce

R20+ This is our HOTTEST sauce and is still the hottest natural sauce grown and produced in Aotearoa, NZ. We use only the most fiery chillies on planet earth in this one including the feared Trinidad Scorpion Morouga and Butch T, Carolina Reapers, Trinidad 7 pot Primo & Brainstrains, Brazilian Ghosts, Bhut Jolokia and Nagas. If your looking for a true naturally tasting INSANE HOT sauce then this is the one. We only use a few other ingredients in this one and it has a massive 80% chilli content mixed with a few other natural flavours. Fires up everything! Try it on your pizza bases, in curries, marinades, all meats and seafoods and pretty much anything that needs some FIRE!!!

Heat rating 10+++/10  ( XXXtra Hot) USE WITH CAUTION!